A Fantasy Tale for Tweens and Teens

About the book

The invisible enemies have risen again. The kingdoms of Mahadroni are under attack. Their only saviour is the supreme weapon used by the Mayan rishis.

Abhi, the young prince of Vaishali, has come to Maharshi Gavishta’s Gurukul to earn the weapon. While he is competing with the heirs of other kingdoms to win it, his brother Kanu goes missing from the gurukul. Unknown to Abhi, someone is plotting to steal the weapon.

‘The Invincible Weapon’ revolves around the discovery of the most powerful weapon of all times in the mystical gurukul of the Mayan rishis, where teleportation, watching battles of the past and time travel is a way of life.

I am equally fascinated by the powers of the spiritual masters and fantasy fiction. A unique blend of both culminated into my debut novel – The Invincible Weapon.
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Sowmya Putta
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